Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a minimum piece count required for bulk mailings?

Yes. 200 pieces for standard class and 500 for 1st class.

Who do I write the postage check to?

You can make your check out to the USPS or Input Technology depending on if its permit(indicia), metered or stamped. Permit mailings normally are made out to the USPS - permit #9999. Meter or stamped mail postage is made out to Input Technology and we purchase the stamps or meter the mail using our meter.

How do I send my mail list?

You can use our online upload form located here: File Upload Utility
If you require more secure transfers or encryption please call.

What format should my mail list be in?

We ask that lists be submitted as text in comma delimited (.TXT, .CSV) format or Excel (.XLS) files to speed the processing of your job. However, we can accept a wide range of data formats. If you have a specific format and need confirmation that it's acceptable please call.

What is the average turnover for a mailing?

Turnaround is depended on the complexity and size of the mailing. Once data and the material is ready, 10,000 - 30,000 piece mailings can be printed, inserted and mailed in 3-5 business days. We can always work with your requirements to meet your deadlines and drop dates.

How can I obtain a quote for a mailing or other services?

You can use various means to contact us. Look under contact us and choose a method. You can also use the quick quotes forms.

Where is ITi located?

1470 S. Vandeventer Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63110

See our Maps and Directions.

What info should I include in my mail list?

Include ONLY the information that you want printed on your mailing pieces. Extra address lines, codes and other unrelated information should be deleted entirely from your mailing list. Please be sure to include any special instructions.

Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes. We can provide customer, business, or occupancy list. We can provide basic demographics to specialty list. Just call and ask, we can help.

Is my mailing list private or shared with other clients?

Each clients list is stored separately and no data is shared. Non-disclosure agreements can be signed.

See our Security Statement.

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