Our GREEN Commitment:

Recycled Waste & Recycled Paper

We recycle virtually 100% of our waste. We put all paper and container waste in recycle bins, which are subsequently picked up by Earth Circle Recycling.

At your request, we will use recycled papers to support your own green printing initiative.

No Offset Printing = No Harmful Chemicals

At Input Technology we give you the
choice to use the latest digital print

So rest assured that no harmful chemicals
will be used in your jobs production.

Print on Demand

Up to 50% of offset printing is sometimes
wasted and the chemicals used can be
harmful to the environment.

ITi's short-run print-on-demand technology
greatly reduces paper waste. This method
of printing "just in time" not only saves
paper, but also saves our clients money.

Data & Marketing Association of Saint Louis
Green Earth Commitment
Last Updated: 06.14.24